Action Synergy is a cultural, education, training and knowledge- based applications organization which is actively promoting the use of theatre and other arts in education as well as the education and training of artists and other professionals in the field of innovation, social inclusion etc. It is an expert organisation in the field of the organisation of online training activities and e-learning courses. Action
Synergy disposes a long experience in the management and coordination of European Projects from 1987.

Action Synergy has a great experience working in the framework of the Creative Europe program and it has already participated in 4 previous Creative Europe projects. It is implementing training projects for a variety of different target groups such as cultural organisations, teachers, youth workers, adult learners etc. Action Synergy is also an organisation with great experience in e-learning.

It has developed its own elearning platform and have designed and delivered many courses through the use of e-learning Action Synergy’s key areas of expertise include: Inclusion of theatre and arts in education, Development of learning methodologies, Development of educational
technologies, Development of courses and modules making use of innovative methodologies such as: open/flexible learning methodologies, e-learning, learning needs analysis, development of professional profiles and lists of skills and competencies, development of synergies at local, national and transnational level.