A number of measures will be developed to ensure the sustainability of the project results.


The Project will generate 6 new outdoor performances to be performed regularly at home after the poject ends to tour internationally.


The Conference “How to promote environmental awareness through theatre” which will be organised in Ireland for public and with participation of all partners is repeatable in any other place, and can involve other artists and experts in dialog with a community.

Other Results

Workshop with local community and artists

The workshops with local community and artists, together with webinars should continue to offer performing arts skills and in dealing with environmental issues in the future

E - Learning Kit

The learning kit will be published as e-book, it will be sent to theatre networks and community organisations and it will be shared through content aggregators (such as issuu, slideshare etc)

Documentary film

The documentary film about the project will stay to further disseminate the project mission, by public screenings and participation on various festival as well as environmental conferences, campaigns or
round tables.