The two main axes we have been working on in Atalaya and TNT and of which we are referents at European level, are the theatral investigation and the community theatre. These are the identity signals which have made possible that in the last three lustrums we took part in four EU cultural programmes, and that our shows have been performed in fourty countries of all continents, unique digits in the Spanish theatre.
We want to value, from our organization:
• The extensive experience and the Atalaya’s international prestige.
• The high artistic and empowerment level reached from the social and community theatre which is been developed by TNT for lustrums, in conjunction with its intense organizational experience in European events.
• The mastery and solvency possessed by AndanZas y Atalaya, when it is time to stage dance and theatre performances.
• The national and international recognitions (Premio Nacional de Teatro 2008, Medalla ciudad de Sevilla 2018 and about a hundred awards, five of them are non-EU awards) given to TNt, Atalaya and

Especially noteworthy as a major reference the two community theatre biggest events which had been realized in Spain: RÍO SIN FRONTERAS, which took place in Seville, in 2017 at the Guadalquivir river in the EU Caravan Next Programme; it mobilized more than 500 participants from 50 citizen groups, from numerous countries on five different countries; organized entirely from TNT and Atalaya.

Y MUNDO MAGALLANES-ELCANO, which was hosted in Seville in 2020, whose main trait was the artistic interaction between the citizen groups from four continents which toured the expedition. Therefore, many experts from different countries were invited to work their ancestral dances with vulnerable groups.